Higher Education

St. Philip's College

Claude Black attended St. Philip's College in San Antonio, Texas after he graduated from Douglass Senior School in 1933. He transferred out of St. Philip's after a semester, but remained connected to the college. When he came back to San Antonio, he  participated in the St. Philip's College Oral History Research Project and on-campus events in the early 2000s.

Rev. Black also served as the chairman of the Artemisia Bowden Scholarship Fund at St. Philip's College for many years. The scholarship, started in honor of St. Philip's first president Artemisia Bowden, provided funds to students in financially difficult circumstances to help them attend the college.

Sam Huston College

After attending St. Philip's College for his first undergraduate semester, Claude Black transferred to Samuel Huston College in Austin, Texas, which became Huston-Tillotson University in 1952. According to Grandpa Was A Preacher: A Letter To My Grandson, young Claude Black was very involved on campus—he even joined a fraternity.

Although he transferred after about a year, Rev. Black remembered his years at Huston College fondly and remained in contact with Huston-Tillotson University. He eventually received an honorary degree of Doctor in Divinity from the University in 1982.

Morehouse College

After transferring from Sam Huston College, Claude Black left Texas to attend Morehouse College, an all-boys school in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Grandpa Was A Preacher: A Letter To My Grandson, he found it more challenging than Huston. There, he finished out his undergraduate years, graduating in 1937.


Golden Anniversary honor certificate from the Alumni Association of Morehouse College, honoring his graduation in 1937.