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Trinity University acquired the bulk of its collection of early books and manuscripts in the early 1950s, with financial support from trustee C. W. Miller. Today, the C. W. Miller Collection contains 22 objects, including illuminated manuscript leaves, handwritten books dating back to the 14th century, incunabula (printed books from prior to 1500), and printed books from after 1500. 

This exhibit explores each of the fascinating objects in this collection in detail, delving into their construction, the beautiful artistic elements—such as woodcuts, engravings, and watermarks—that adorn their pages, and their current condition. In addition to telling the story of this collection and how it came to be, this exhibit also sheds light on the history of the book, explaining how book making technology evolved over time.

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Origins of Our Collection
Book Breaking
Handwritten Books
Post-1500 Printed Books