Claude and ZerNona Black


Reverend Claude William Black and his wife ZerNona were tireless advocates for civil rights and social justice. They dedicated their lives to serving the San Antonio community and the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, where Rev. Black preached for nearly five decades. Reverend Black's contributions are legion: he led state-wide civil rights marches in the 1950s, offered his church as a base for civil rights organizing and community programming in the 1960s and 1970s, and served four terms as a member of the San Antonio city council. ZerNona marched alongside Rev. Black in the civil rights movement and founded several critical programs to support senior citizens. 

In 2011, the Trinity University Coates Library acquired the Claude and ZerNona Black Papers. The collection documents the civil rights activism, civic engagement, and Baptist ministry of Reverend Black (1916-2009) and ZerNona Stewart Black (1906-2005). This exhibit explores these aspects of the collection, highlighting documents, images, and artifacts of particular significance to Reverend Black and his family while also illuminating the history of the African American community in San Antonio and its place in the national civil rights movement.

Claude and ZerNona Black