Student Stories

From 1959-1960, the Trinity Alumni Association collected stories from the early alumnae of San Antonio Female College and compiled them "to preserve these materials for the future generations of Trinity students."

These are some of their stories, read by members of our class.  

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This story, written by Irene Norvell Jackson, Class of 1910, tells various happy memories from her time at San Antonio Female College.

Listen here to an audio recording by Grace Rea. 


This story, written by Stella Huffmeyer Seymour, Class of 1903, tells of an afternoon outing to drink lemonade. 

Listen here to an audio recording by H. Walker-Tamboli.


This story, written by Loula Mae Sharp Rombert, Class of 1910, tells about her homesickness upon arriving to college. 

Listen here to an audio recording by Maeve Armand.