Alumni Affairs


Three SAFC alumni, Mrs. Shaper, Mrs. Wiseman, and Mrs. Mallory, from the class of 1899 were celebrated at the Trinity University 1949 Commencement Ceremony.

The merger with Trinity University created a unique relationship between the new institution and the alumni from the San Antonio Female College, Westmoorland College, and the University of San Antonio. Stakeholders within the new university’s alumni office demonstrated the desire to include graduates from these three eras, but they were also hesitant to allow participation in everyday activities. SAFC alumni were welcomed at Trinity commencement ceremonies, invited to serve as representatives on the alumni council, and were encouraged to donate to the university. Despite this, the presence of alumni in activities such as course gratis was rejected by some members of the alumni association. These different opportunities for involvement raised questions about the extent to which alumni of the previous institutions should be included in the new university and how active their roles should be.


In this July 28, 1942 letter, President Jackson of the University of San Antonio informed students of the merger with Trinity University and wished for their continued support.

In this letter, Eunice Joiner Gates clarified her relationship with the San Antonio Female College. Joiner Gates explained that the college was no longer designated as the SAFC after the president, Dr. Harrison resigned. The need for clarification demonstrated the often confusing issues that arose from multiple name changes in the school’s history.