The Stained Glass Window


The Ruth Window stained glass, painted by Ursula Lauderdale and originally housed in City Temple Church in Dallas, Texas. 

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This stained glass window of Ruth the Gleaner is considered to be one of the centerpieces of Ursula Lauderdale’s career.

The Ruth Window is a piece of stained glass artwork which Lauderdale painted for City Temple church located in Dallas, Texas. The Daughters of Ruth commissioned the piece, which is made of over 300 pieces of glass arranged in a mosaic. According to a newspaper clipping from her scrapbook, Lauderdale spent seven weeks creating the piece of art. This clipping describes her as a member of the Dallas Pen Women, a local branch of an artists’ guild, and notes that she was an “artist of rare ability.” This piece of artwork is one of Lauderdale’s most well known, due to its public display in the Dallas church. While the stained glass is no longer at the original City Temple location, it has been moved to a new location under the name of North Park Presbyterian Church.

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A description of the Ruth window from Ursula's scrapbook


A clipping from 1923 from her scrapbook of the seal Ursula designed for The Dallas Pen Women's newsletter.