Building Support


Save-the-Date postcard, Learning About Learning Gala Committee, 1976.

Learing About Learning had to be creative not only in their work, but how they raised money.  Jearnine Wagner had a knack for finding funding sources and making connections with people that could help propel her vision.  At the same time Jearnine liked to stay away from the publicity and the fanfare of fundraising and philanthropy.  Rarely do you see her photographed in the "who's who" of the social sections of papers and newsletters.  But this, and LAL's product division, was a means to continually working within communities and school districts.

Photographs from the Extraordinary Imaginaton Invention Convention, a fundraising gala hosted by LAL in 1975.

By the early 1980s LAL had established a board and friends group of local and national recognititon.

For 1981 the Board of Directors consisted of

  • Thomas R. Horton - Co-Chairperson
  • Mrs. Sally Espy - Co-Chairperson
  • Gilbert Mathews - Secretary and General Counsel
  • Dearwood Hawthorne - Treasurer
  • Jearnine Wagner - President

Board Members were

  • Richard Burr 
  • Ronald Calgaard 
  • O'Neil Ford 
  • Mrs. Chris Gill 
  • Barbara Labatt 
  • Lewis Moorman III 
  • Nancy Negley
  • Robert Seal
  • Mrs. Monte Tomberlin
  • William Wyatt Jr.

The 1981 National Advisory Committee

  • Paul Baker
  • Ray Eames
  • Lily Polk Guest
  • Richard Hunt
  • Richard Marcus
  • Ted Perry
  • David Rockefelle Jr.

In 1981 foundational support came from 

  • The Baretta Foundation
  • The Brackenridge Foundation
  • The Brown Foundation, Inc.
  • The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
  • The Houston Endowment, Inc.
  • The Alice G. K. Kleberg Foundation
  • The Minnie Stevens Piper FOundation
  • The Moody Foundation
  • The Richardson Foundation
  • The San Antonio Area Foundation
  • The Ruth and Vernon Taylor Foundation
  • The Tobin Foundation
  • The Zele Foundation