Closing of Learning about Learning


Kidtechnics was the predecessor of what would turn into be the Children’s Museum of Houston. This Kidtechnics operating manual is an example of the kind of interactive experiences LAL created to help kids document and learn more about their experiences and look back on for years to come.

By the 1980s, Learning about Learning had expanded its scope and programming, with continuous outreach, projects, and events.  In 1984, the weight of leading such a large organization began to take its toll on the staff. Around this time, the organization found itself being pushed to its absolute limits as it continued to expand each branch of its work despite limited resources. The ambitions became overwhelming, and with the economic recession that emerged at the end of the decade, the organization began to overexert itself. As grants began to expire and the organization struggled to hold on to private financial sponsors, it became increasingly difficult for the Learning about Learning team to continue its programming. 

In the end, Learning about Learning decided to close its doors in 1986 due to lack of funding. Each team member parted ways and took what they learned from Learning about Learning to begin their own projects. Despite the gradual decline of Learning about Learning, the memory and impact the organization had was not lost on those who grew up with it. Many members, whether children or teachers, looked back on the organization fondly and reflected on how it had helped shape their lives and education.

Here are a few examples of events and programs put on by Learning about Learning in their final years: