This exhibit was created in Spring 2023 by the students in Trinity University HIST 3468: Dakotah Brown, Kathryn Browne, Mia Carrasco, Garrett Chambers, Katherine Dixon, Adam Kingery, Naveen Krishnan, Rhea Kumar, Vivian Le, Cheyanne McDaniel, Hazel Mitchel-Gevirtz, Hazel Myhand, Daniel Nuñez, Acacia Oyler, Eleanor Perrier, Hillary Solomon, Prajna Srinivas, Ileana Vela, and Kat Webster, under the direction of Dr. Lauren Turek. It is maintained by the Coates Library staff. 

The Learning About Learning Foundation Collection is housed in the Trinity University Special Collections and Archives and contains material related to the LAL program. Related and/or inclusive paper collections include the Learning about Learning Collection, the Paul Baker Papers, the Susie Monday Learning About Learning Collection, and the Cynthia Herbert Publications and Curricula collection. Trinity University holds the intellectual property rights for the original materials in these collections. Please contact Special Collections and Archives or the third party copyright holder for permission to publish, quote, or reproduce materials from the collection. 

The images used for the exhibit navigation buttons and other graphic elements are page illustrations drawn from a variety of LAL publications. Graphic design courtesy of Eleanor Perrier.