Learning About Learning

Combining programs for teachers, community events and workshops, and afternoon classes, Learning about Learning sought to encourage children to explore their creativity and expressive skills through new styles of learning. Jearnine Wagner and several Trinity alumni who had gone through the university’s theater program implemented the Learning about Learning program in the San Antonio Independent School District in 1971. In 1972, the program organized itself as an educational foundation operating out of Trinity University, with initial financial support from the Moody and Brackenridge Foundations. 

Once up and running, Learning about Learning organized and hosted workshops and community events that engaged students through art and creativity, empowering them to be the experts of their own worlds and experiences. Through these events and activities, the Learning about Learning Foundation engaged children at their schools as well as in the local San Antonio community. This approach allowed children to see creative expression as a tool for connecting with others in all areas of their lives, not just at school.

A promotional film for Learning About Learning from 1983.