Bebstlicher heilgkeit Schreiben

This pamphlet, printed in 1533, was meant to be a letter from Pope Clement VI to the Swabian Imperial District, located in the south-central portion of modern-day Germany. The most striking detail of this piece is the prominent papal symbol on the front. This would have allowed illiterate people to understand the importance of the letter, recognizing it was from the Pope might have encouraged them to find someone who could read the letter. There is text on the cover of the book that reads “Concerning Saracean War?,” hinting at the context of the pamphlet and why the pope created it. While there is no translation of the book, its physical properties—including its construction and the damage it bears—offer insight into its history. Even the tape marks on the cover, which reveal an outdated attempt of restoration for the piece, gives insight into its history.