Orationum Marci Tullii Ciceronis, Volume 2

The Orationum Marci Tullii Ciceronis, or the Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, is a Latin text divided into three volumes, the first two of which are part of the Coates library C.W. Miller Collection. Cicero was a Roman statesman known for his writings and his creation and use of Ciceronian rhetoric. The title page indicates that this book was published in 1606 in Hanau, Germany by the Wechel Press. Both volumes in the collection have limp vellum covers. This means that the book covers do not have a stiff board backing, and the covers themselves are made from prepared animal skin. 

In this particular volume, the covers have been repaired with a new paper lining, which unfortunately obscures a bookplate underneath that may reveal more information regarding a previous owner of the volume. There are pencil annotations throughout the book and across many of the pages, starting with a past owner’s name on the cover—the same owner as another book in the collection, Epistolarum ad Vaimiliare, or Letters to Vaimiliare. While this book was printed as opposed to being handwritten, it is not devoid of human artistry. The pages feature woodcut designs and borders which artisans created using a combination of different printing stamps to embellish the text. Despite its age, the book is in quite good condition with only some discoloration throughout, potentially due to smoke damage.