San Antonio Express-News, Trinity to Be Moved By Fall

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San Antonio Express-News, Trinity to Be Moved By Fall


Article discussing the move of Trinity from Waxahachie to San Antonio


Page of the San Antonio Express Newspaper from February 27, 1942, detailing the merger between Trinity University and the University of San Antonio. It assures Methodist support of the transfer of ownership, as they wish for a strong protestant presence in San Antonio and already support other universities in Dallas and Georgetown.


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February 27, 1942







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Trinity University to Be Moved Here by Fall

University of San Antonio Properties Transferred

Arrangements Made for Moving Waxahatchie School After Austin College-Trinity Merger Falls Through

Properties of the University of San Antonio valued at $400,000 were turned over to Trinity University of Waxahachie and the Trinity University will occupy the place before the fall terms of school begins next September, Dr. Frank L. Wear, president of Trinity, advised J.H. Calvert, Chamber of Commerce president, Thursday.
Trinity University has movable assets valued at $800,000 to $1,000,000 and an enrollment of approximately 500 students.
This move was accomplished following a breakdown in merger negotiations between Trinity and Austin College at Sherman on Jan. 8. The Southwest Methodist Conference offered facilities of the University of San Antonio following the abandonment of the merger of the two Presbyterian schools.
Could Do More For School
O.M. Fitzhugh, San Antonio attorney who has been working with the plans since the merger idea was first conceived, said the Methodist Conference explained that the directors felt the Presbyterian Synod of Texas could do more with the school here than the Methodists were able to do. He pointed out that the Methodists are already supporting Southern Methodist University at Dallas and Southwestern University at Georgetown.
Fitzhugh said that Methodists were motivated by the desire to have a good, strong protestant school here and readily agreed to turn over their properties.
Girls Dormitory
There is a girl’s dormitory that will accommodate 134 girls and a hall for 70 boys now available here, Fitzhugh said. With some repairs, it was expected that the entire enrollment of the school could be housed here.
Calvert said this is a major advance for San Antonio and will add much to the cultural life of the city.
Trinity is one of the outstanding universities of the entire Southwest, Calvert said, and it is owned and controlled by the Presbyterian Church of the U.S.A., which is a national church with congregations in every part of the United States, a total church membership numbering over 2,000,000.
Miller Heads Group
This church today maintains a general board of education at Philadelphia, and this board co-operates with and gives aid to Trinity University.
In negotiating for the relocation of Trinity University in San Antonio, a strong committee of the chamber of commerce, headed by C.W. Miller as chairman, was appointed at the beginning of 1941 to take charge of the matter and to make such investigations and studies as might be necessary and to negotiate with the university.
Members of this chamber committee included Chairman Miller, Calvert, T.F. Murchison, E.H. Keator, D.A. Powell, H.H. Bryant, Frank Gillespie and John Bennett.
Generous Co-operation
The University of San Antonio has a very definite place in the new university plan and program, and will be a part of it, Miller said.
He stated the most generous co-operation from the Southwest Texas Methodist Conference, President W.W. Jackson, of the University of San Antonio; John D. Wheeler, chairman of the board of trustees of the University of San Antonio, and the trustees of the local university, was received, and they collaborated closely on all the negotiations which took place throughout the past year.
Officers of the new San Antonio school will be elected by the board of trustees of the university.
Rev. Edgar Hubbard, who attended the meeting at Temple, said it is possible the move will come in time for Trinity to take charge of the summer session at the present University of San Antonio. He added it is likely that Trinity will retain the services of some of the members of the University of San Antonio faculty. Rev. S.L. Terry also attended the meeting.


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