Phase Two of Unlimited Potential

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A San Antonio New Express Article about Project Y. A program where the leaders of Unlimited Potential facilitated theater events in Hemisfair Park in an effort to spur children’s creativity. This article details the Youth area of the world fair: HemisFair ‘68 .

In 1968, the second phase of Unlimited Potential unfolded on site in at the San Antonio World’s Fair “HemisFair” in Project Y, the children’s area of the fair. The mayor of San Antonio Hon. Walter McAllister, and the media attended the opening of the exhibit, which showcased the goals of Unlimited Potential to strengthen the creativity in each child as well as works of students in the program. This attention created broad support and interest in the UP program. Unlimited Potential also hosted teacher workshops, theater performances and community engagement events at Hemisfair. "Up, the Way We Grow" was the title given to the exhibit of art work created by the children participating in the UP program. The exhibit opened at the Exhibit Showroom of HemisFair on September 19, 1968 and continued through October 25, 1968.