Julia Jarrell

Julia Jarrell was an undergraduate student at Trinity inspired by the works of Paul and Kitty Baker, and part of the core development team for Learning About Learning. She worked closely with Susan Russel and Susie Monday to turn program concepts into activities and visual publications to share with the world.

Together with the LAL team, they found that children were responding well to creative work, but not academics. The solution was to merge them! For over 20 years, the LAL team built lesson plans and community-wide activities to serve underserved children, fuelled by the philosophy that everyone has a creative mind, but not everyone was given the opportunity to showcase it.

“Here is the mind of a child: observing, exploring, concentrating, discovering, producing, growing, thinking. After all, that is what education is all about.”
- Julia Jarrell, The Unlimited Potential of Children (1968)

Following her time at LAL, Jarrel has been working on a manuscript for approaching program development using the creative process, to serve children, educators, parents, and communities to draw out the talents of everybody!