The Idea Workshop, Specials and Community Events of the 1970s


Learning Without Learning’s colorful flyers kept the San Antonio community aware of upcoming events and opportunities. This flyer announces the launch of the Idea Workshop.

When a group of Trinity alumni founded Learning About Learning in 1971, they shared a dream to bring creative life to children’s education in San Antonio. Throughout the 1970s, Learning about Learning programmed workshops for kids, teens and adults. A cornerstone program was the “Idea Workshop”, where LAL shared research with the San Antonio community in the form of take-home worksheets, meetups, and more. Many events had small entry fees that helped the organization fundraise and expand its reach. The organization sought to realize its vision of “making the ordinary extraordinary”  in diverse ways. These included workshops to create valentines, holiday cards, puppets, and other events peppered around the calendar for year-round engagement.