The Explorer Books

The Explorer Books, a product line that Learning about Learning sold, sought to share the ethos of the program with those outside of the San Antonio community. Available both in stores in San Antonio and through catalogs, these workbooks helped spark creativity in children and encouraged them to realize that they were the experts of their own experiences. First published in 1971, the workbooks often coordinated with the community workshops and summer camps Learning about Learning hosted in the San Antonio area. In this section, you can learn more about how the Explorer Books encouraged student individuality and expression, and we hope they spark creativity for you in the same way they did for children around the nation!


This 1981 Nemain Marcus catalog advertised  Learning About Learning products. Selling Explorer Books and other LAL products through catalogs and in stores was one of the many ways LAL sought to have an impact nationwide. This holiday catalog features the Neighborhood Explorer Kit, Santa’s Helper Puppet, and a Texas Kid Kit!

These books feature the artwork of Susie Monday, a Trinity alum and San Antonio artist who was a founding member of Learning about Learning. Monday was one of the members of Paul Baker and Jernine Wagner’s theater troupe that moved to Trinity University from Baylor. Her passion for encouraging creativity among children drove her to make Explorer Books, a series of Learning about Learning products that sought to share the lessons of the program with children around the nation. In addition to her work with LAL, Monday has designed exhibits for schools, helped open the San Antonio Children’s Museum, and has worked as a full-time artist for decades.